Who we are

Currently Cante di Montevecchio, is a social enterprise with about 60 workers and about seventy people guests (elderly, families, victims of violence and/or trafficking, individuals, minors followed even outside) taken in charge by their specialized services.

Work with local communities

Cante di Montevecchio represents a complex organization that deals with the social economy, projects and services in the social and health field. It is a non-profit organization, and his purpose is to act both as a political and cultural subject. Cante di Montevecchio, wants to contribute to promoting widespread social well-being, against forms of radical and evident discomfort and to develop a community welfare, in which protagonists are the connections, collaborations and networks between realities of the italian territory that are also responsible for part of the local public quality of life policies. The connections that the Cante di Montevecchio activates, in fact, are cultural and cognitive collaborations with universities, trade associations and companies, public services, territorial social environments, associations and volunteering, local and regional institutions.

The integrated system of knowledge building on social work

In the last year an open source model was developed for the construction and elaboration of knowledge, meta-competences and skills around social work based on:

  • UNILAS, a small university for social works and studies;
  • BIBLIS, publishing house specialized in territorial publications concerning community development;
  • BIBLIOTECANTE, the first library in Italy catching on community work and development of the social economy.